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Re: Upload of new texlive packages

Hi Norbert,

I'm looking at your packages (and building them) and in order to
minimize delays, I'll send the few remarks I've got so far. I don't
expect new packages fixing them, but I'd really like to understand the
i386 stuff before uploading (see below, inside '****'). Thanks.

  - in -base/debian/rules, you use "bash blabla.sh"; if the script
    should be run with bash, call it blabla.bash...

  - in -bin/debian/rules, you have sthg like that:

      rm -f \

    This kind of globbing is non-POSIX and won't be expanded if sh is
    dash, for instance. But the failure will be silent due to the -f
    flag... You can use a "for" loop to fix that.

    Also, what's this:

        cp -a build/inst/bin/*/* bin/i386-linux/
        cp -a bin.special/* bin/i386-linux/

    Won't it do weird things on, e.g., a powerpc buildd?

  - you can use recode instead of your convert-info-files-to-unix.sh
    (lmodern does that)...

  - shouldn't the executable-not-elf-or-script overrides in
    texlive-pdfetex.override be fixed by inserting a real
    "#! /usr/bin/perl ..." shebang line instead of using the override,
    as I noted you did somewhere else (in some dpatches)?

That's it so far. :)



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