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Re: (te)TeX recent changes

Hi all!

Please forget the problem, it is NOT TEX RELATED.

I checked with the files from Ralf, working ones and mine not working

It ONLY depends on the ghostscript interpreter which is used.

I am using gs 8.15.1 from Debian/sid and this one produces some rubbish.

That is also the explanation why pdflatex produces onmy computer
something stupid, because ps2pdf of the logo also uses the gs

So we have to file a bug against gs.

More specific, against
I had automatic alternatives set for gs, and this gives you gs-esp for
the gs binary.

update-alternatives --config gs
and setting it to gs-gpl

solves the problem immediately.

I dont know what the deiffernece is between gs-esp and gs-gpl, they are
only a .1 different, but alas, who knows.

Thanks Bruno for insisting,and thanks Rlaf for working files.

Best wishes


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