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Re: (te)TeX recent changes

On Thu, Jan 19, 2006 at 23:04 +0100, Bruno Beaufils wrote:
> Is there a place where recent changes in TeX packages are documented ?

There are different changelogs in /usr/share/doc/tetex-base/. Also,
TETEXDOC.pdf (texdoc TETEXDOC) lists some changes.

> As for now when I dvips I used "-u +config.outline" but the config.outline
> file disappear.

Are you sure about the option you used? The option '-u' is for changing
the mapfile used. If config.outline ought to be read, one would use
'-Poutline'. But since dvips uses outline fonts by default, this file
should no longer be necessary. It is still present in the most recent
teTeX packages though: /usr/share/texmf-tetex/dvips/tetex/config.outline

> I have installed cm-super and cm-super-x11 but continue to have the same
> problem.
> Using pdffont on my pdf files report always Type 3 fonts.

Could you provide a *minimal* example file (shouldn't be longer than a
few lines) with which you get Type 3 fonts, even though you have
cm-super installed? That would help finding the reason for this.


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