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Bug#244601: tetex-bin: package fails to configure: Error: `mpost -ini -jobname=metafun -progname=mpost metafun.mp' failed

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 06:34:51PM +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> Well, the leftover files are from tetex-extra_1.0.x. I am quite sure
> that tetex-extra_2.0.2 from sid won't touch them. 
> But it would be great if you'd put woody in your sources list and
> downgrade. Unfortunately, since tetex-base replaces older tetex-extra,
> you need to downgrade both:
> apt-get install tetex-extra=1.0.2+20011202-2 tetex-base=1.0.2+20011202-2
> (assuming tetex-doc is not installed).
> If the files are still there after purge or remove of tetex-extra, we
> know that something's messed up (although dpkg might as well be
> involved). If they are gone, well, that's just what I'd expect. But I
> don't know whether it actually tells us anything about the bug.

Couple of problems:

1) I had to specify manual solutions for tetex-bin and libkpathsea3 as

2) tetex-bin (from woody) won't configure!  It hangs forever while
running "texconfig init".  pstree shows me that it is stuck attempting
to run "dialog".

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