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Bug#95995: 3rd party information

I use normally tetex-bin installed and tetex-extra removed (after once installed) for pdftex. This happens to be possible because of tetex-extra removes no *.fmt files. :) So I think pdftex/pdflatex depends on tetex-extra no more than normal tex/latex does. Although I do not use pdflatex, I believe pdftex accepts normal TeX input files and just produces output in PDF instead of DVI as normal tex does. (As you see, if an input file requires tetex-extra even normal tex can depend on it.)

Atsuhito Kohda wrote:

If this was true then pdftex/pdflatex would depend essentially
on tetex-extra.

As far as I tested pdflatex with ltnews14 it used uplb8a.pfb
of tetex-extra, but this might be exceptional case...

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