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Bug#95995: 3rd party information

Yes, there are two problem here, but the real problem is that some commands in tetex-bin (pdftex, pdflatex, and possibly more) do not work without tetex-extra at all. I think a solution is move those commands to tetex-extra and make users install tetex-extra for those commands. Another solution is move those *.ini files to tetex-bin and make those commands work without tetex-extra entirely.

I like the latter, as I do not want *extras* just for pdftex.

Atsuhito Kohda wrote:

It seems that there are two problems; one is
pdftex/pdflatex did not work without tetex-extra and the other is pdftex.fmt/pdflatex.fmt were not removed
when tetex-extra was removed.

Which is the problem you want to solve?

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