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Re: dist-upgrade broke fonts?

    "Shyamal" == Shyamal Prasad <shyamal.prasad@sbcglobal.net> writes:

    Shyamal> Hi,

    Shyamal> I did a update/dist-upgrade last night (after about four
    Shyamal> weeks) and I'm left with a system with terrible looking
    Shyamal> fonts. GNOME and KDE both seem to use a small, sans serif
    Shyamal> font, mozilla uses something similar, and XEmacs menus
    Shyamal> are the same (and VM is broken in XEmacs with some
    Shyamal> menubar related error).

    Shyamal> I'm pretty ignorant about fonts in X and will RTFM, but
    Shyamal> I'm hoping some one knows about this already(?).

    Shyamal> I did notice that the my XF86Config-4 file no longer has
    Shyamal> a "Files" section like an another Woody box that I have
    Shyamal> not upgraded recently, but I can't remember if it ever

Ummm....that's what it was. Seems that debconf decided I had chosen to
not have a default Files section. I don't remember doing that, but I
might have. At any rate, the problem is fixed. When I upgrade the
other machine I'll watch carefully.....


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