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Re: Slink Readiness?

Adam Di Carlo writes:
>Assuming the CD team is ready, I think the boot-floppies team is good
>with 2.1.7 (due out today but I think it slipped).  The system looks
>quite stable from my perspective, and looks like a higher quality than

The CD scripts are good to go, just about. I've mad two tiny changes
today, but nothing earth-shattering. dpkg-multicd needs a new version with
the patch applied. All looks good, almost.


What are we doing in terms of architecture releases? The boot stuff for
non-i386 is far from complete...

>Brian, do you know of anyone working on a set of Release Notes as in
>"what's new in slink?"  I've CC'd Bob Hilliard.

The release notes he's written will be installed on the root of each CD by
slink_cd v 1.06...

>The long and short is that I think we're good to go.  I think we
>should try to get a fully 2.2 complaint 2.1r1 release by mid-March


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