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help needed for quick test of xdvi on a std Debian stable/frozen system

I'm trying to resolve a strange xdvi bug with the maintainer of xdvik,
and we'd like to see if we can reproduce this bug on another Debian
stable and/or recent frozen system.

If you have such a system and have tex installed, you could help by
doing the following and replying to me -- I'm not a subscriber to

Make a test directory somewhere, and download the following into it:


This is a total of 1.4M.

cd to your test directory and:

   % gunzip testxdvi.gz; chmod a+x testxdvi

Your $PATH should include your TeX installation's /bin/ if it doesn't

Suppose your tex installation root directory is /usr/lib/tex (I don't
know what it is if you are using Debian tex -- it should contain a
subdirectory texmf/tex/latex and so on).  The binary is compiled with
a funny tex root, so you need to do this, assuming /usr/lib/tex is
your root:

     % ln -s /usr/lib/tex /usr/local/teTeX-beta

(remember to remove this link later...)

Now try:

     % ./testxdvi -thorough +nogrey -s 3 +nopostscript testnog.dvi

and see whether you get normal looking text in xdvi...

If you're in doubt as to whether it's normal, compare these two images:


the "bad" one is NOT normal, the "good" one is normal.

Now try:

     % ./testxdvi -thorough +nogrey -s 3 +nopostscript test.dvi

Please write me whether you get normal text or fuzzy bad text, and
whether you get a segmentation fault with test.dvi or not.  Please
include the output of running testxdvi and also the output of:

	% uname -a; xdpyinfo; dpkg -s libc6

If you DO get bad text, would you please also try again with testnog.dvi:
   1) is it still bad with -copy instead of -thorough?
   2) does pressing `G' while looking at the fuzzy text toggles the
      fuzziness off and on?
   3) does looking at the text with the magnifying window (any mouse
      button) clears up the fuzzing?

Thank you very much for helping.

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