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twm missing to run xf86setup (Was: Install report

[I'm not on debian-testing, Cc me if you reply on the list.]

On Saturday 9 January 1999, at 11 h 21, 
Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu> wrote:

> The 'XF86Setup' command (unless I made a typo) in the xf86setup package.
> The text only 'xf86setup' command works fine.  (I may have a typo in those
> program names.)

OK, currently, the xf86setup *package* has no dependency on twm.

> > Which bug? Dependencies are checked in the pre-defined profiles, so if there 
> > is a Depends:, it will be fulfilled. If the maintainer failed to list 
> > depenencies, I can do nothing, but file a bug report.
> It looks like bugs: 29865, 30338, 30733, and 30949 (by subject browsing).

Yes, it is this. They have been recently merged but no new package installed 
with the dependency. (Anyway, I don't think it is a good idea to depend on a 
specific window manager and t force users to install it just for the 

> If you are the one handling the pre-defined profiles, 

Yes, I am.

> one isn't  your problem.  But make sure that the vga16 server is installed
> because Branden left a depends on the virtual package and a comment in the
> xf86setup package that you need vga16 if you want the GUI config.

The actual dependency is:

xserver-vga16 | xserver

>  He
> doesn't have a specific recommends or suggests because apparently there
> are other uses for the xf86setup package that doen't require the vga16
> server specifically (haven't used them myself).

Hmmm! This is painful if we cannot trust formal dependencies! But the 
description explains clearly he problem, so I checked that xserver-vga16 is 
always there (it's useful as a fallback, anyway), since, at the present time 
(I hope one day will come where we will be able to use pre-defined tasks 
later), my files are used only for new installations. OK, xserver-vga16 is 
always there, there should be no problem.


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