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Slink _minimum_ install from 2.1.4 disks

Hello All,

Downloaded the Dec.29 upload of the 2.1.4 floppy images and installed
into a 16MHz, i386/387 (Toshiba T5100) 4M RAM, 40M HD, EGA.

The first installation attempt was with an ~6680k swap partition...
depmod used up all the swap space and kept the system busy looking
for more.  sigh.

The second attempt was with ~4460k of swap and some minor surgery to
remove most of the kernel modules I would never need.  The installation
went well, lp was installed (io=0x378 irq=7) without a hitch.  The serial
module is the only other one installed.  The system is still running and I
have started to install packages.  e.g., minicom, lrzsz, jed and git, to
name the everyday useful ones.  On the list to be installed are lynx, most
of python (sans the X stuff), console-tools, boa, and whatever else looks
useable on a very small system.

The following base packages were removed: fdflush, isapnptools, pcmcia-cs,
dpkg-multicd, dpkg-mountable.

btw - the 2080k minux partition (all but about 120k is required) gets
merged into the swap space, usually after the system has booted up at
least once with the smaller amount of swap.  I'm running with ~6680k of
swap right now.

I will do another install or two, just to pin down how much room depmod
needs (the base requires a little over 23M), and get back to this list
with some better numbers and a list of installed packages...

... or is it a waste of time defining the absolute minimum requirements
for a Debian floppy install?



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