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Re: [mdc-vmrc] Registration cutoff date

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> writes:

> Dear miniDebConf attendees,
> (sent do debian-switzerland@ and BCC'ed to the currently registered attendees)
> As we need to give numbers to the venue two weeks in advance, please make sure
> that your registration line is *up-to-date* and confirmed on or before
> *October 11th*, directly on the Registration wiki page:
> 	https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/ch/2019/Vaumarcus/Registration
> Having your line there with the correct arrival and departure times as well as
> food needs is the *only needed registration*.
> (Please let your subscription lean towards being present: it's easier for us
> to late-cancel than to late-join. Don't let this turn you down though: if you
> want to come but can only confirm late, just make sure that
> minidebconf19@debian.ch is in the loop.)


I'm potentially interested in popping up from Lausanne for a few hours
on the Saturday or the Sunday, but my plans are quite in flux and I
wouldn't be able to say anything for sure until maybe the Friday it
starts. Do you prefer that I register and quite likely cancel, or hold
off? I wouldn't need food or accmmodation.


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