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[mdc-vmrc] Registration cutoff date

Dear miniDebConf attendees,
(sent do debian-switzerland@ and BCC'ed to the currently registered attendees)

As we need to give numbers to the venue two weeks in advance, please make sure 
that your registration line is *up-to-date* and confirmed on or before 
*October 11th*, directly on the Registration wiki page:


Having your line there with the correct arrival and departure times as well as 
food needs is the *only needed registration*.

(Please let your subscription lean towards being present: it's easier for us 
to late-cancel than to late-join. Don't let this turn you down though: if you 
want to come but can only confirm late, just make sure that 
minidebconf19@debian.ch is in the loop.)

Just a few reminder notes (no blame intended :-) ):
- the earliest time to access the venue is Friday 25. at 14:30
- the latest venue availability will be Sunday 27. at 18:00
- the first meal served at the venue will be the Friday 25. dinner
- the last meal served at the venue will be the Sunday 27. lunch
- the venue will not provide accommodation outside of the above times.

We'll make sure to send you all another email with what you need to know for 
packing! Don't hesitate to reach out to minidebconf19@debian.ch

Best regards,


P.S. Thank you to the to-stay-unnamed attendee who pointed out this unclarity.

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