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translation/General Meeting/Vaumarcus

Just following up on the translation effort:

a) are people comfortable with the translation so far?

b) still proceed to have a lawyer review it, or just accept it as is?

c) setting a date for a General Meeting between now and Christmas, to
accept the translation?

For step (c), I would suggest the possibility of having the general
meeting at Vaumarcus, possibly even at `Le Camp' - has everyone already
seen the venue?

Would it be feasible and/or worthwhile to spend an afternoon there to
`test drive' the venue?  Or just travel there for a quick tour, and then
have the general meeting in a local pub or restaurant?

Another alternative is to have the GM together with a bug squashing party.

The only formal agenda item for the GM would be the acceptance of the
translation, so the official part of the meeting should happen quickly,
but it will need to have lots of people attending to make it valid.

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