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Re: translation/General Meeting/Vaumarcus

Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:

> Just following up on the translation effort:
> a) are people comfortable with the translation so far?

I'm quite happy with how it is atm.

> b) still proceed to have a lawyer review it, or just accept it as is?

If we can get a pro-bono lawyer to have a look that would be great. If
not, I think we can also go over it once more ourselves and afterwards
accept it. 

> c) setting a date for a General Meeting between now and Christmas, to
> accept the translation?

I'm not sure if it's worth the effort unless we don't need a general
meeting for other reasons (like DC13). If it's the only topic I would
just do that at the AGM in 2013. This does still not exclude further
modifications at the same AGM if someone wants to propose them.

> For step (c), I would suggest the possibility of having the general
> meeting at Vaumarcus, possibly even at `Le Camp' - has everyone already
> seen the venue?
> Would it be feasible and/or worthwhile to spend an afternoon there to
> `test drive' the venue?  Or just travel there for a quick tour, and then
> have the general meeting in a local pub or restaurant?

At least Luca, myself and Didier have seen the venue. I guess at some
point others from the dc13 localteam want to see it too. But I'm not
sure if we want to combine this with a debian.ch general meeting. But
I'm not against the idea either as long as I don't have to organize the

> Another alternative is to have the GM together with a bug squashing
> party.

Sounds like a better idea to me.

> The only formal agenda item for the GM would be the acceptance of the
> translation, so the official part of the meeting should happen quickly,
> but it will need to have lots of people attending to make it valid.

Why? The current bylaws don't have any special majority requirements for
changes to the bylaws. So a simple majority of every member that attends
is enough.


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