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[Debconf13-ch] Web documents moved to Git

Hi there!

As discussed in the last meeting [1][2], we decided to create two Git
repositories to store any public [3] or private [4] document we have
about DebConf13.ch [5][6].

[1] <http://lists.debian.ch/201110141029.19612.odyx%40debian.org>
[2] <http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Debconf13/Switzerland/minutes-20111013>
[3] <http://git.debian.ch/v/debconf13-ch.git>
[4] <http://git.debian.ch/v/debconf13-ch-private.git>
    Given that this is available to authorized users only, there is no
    web interface.  Would it be possible to something a bit more
    informative than "404 - No such project" (the current error)?
[5] <http://lists.debian.ch/8762kmxrhc.fsf%40gismo.pca.it>
[6] <http://people.debian.org/~gismo/DebConf13.ch>

git.debian.ch is managed through gitolite [5] to have a fine-grained
access control.  When you have sent the public part of your SSH key
(usually ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub) to info@debian.ch [6], clone the
repositories [3][4] with the command:

  $ git clone ssh://git@git.debian.ch/debian.ch/debconf13-ch.git

[5] <https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite>
[6] <mailto:info@debian.ch>

You may also want to add the following configuration to your SSH config
(usually ~/.ssh/config):

  Host git.debian.ch
    User git

I already moved whatever was present in the old web space [6] to the new
repositories, except the folder containing Didier's pictures [7] that
could have been used for the DebConf11 proposal [8][9].  I also created
proper redirects, so the old link should still work.

[7] <http://people.debian.org/~gismo/DebConf13.ch/Didier/>
[8] <http://lists.debian.ch/87tya4r0m6.fsf%40gismo.pca.it>
[9] <http://git.debian.ch/v/debconf13-ch.git/tree/HEAD:/DebConf11_proposal>

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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