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Re: BSP in Switzerland


On 2010-08-21 at 11:53:17 +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> wrote:
> As testing is now frozen since a few weeks, it's bug squashing time
> again. To make squeeze the best Debian release ever!
> At Debconf I volunteered to organize a BSP in Switzerland. I see three
> options for where and when to organize this:

Great :-)

> - BSP at the Linux User Group Bern's "Turrican Days" in Cudrefin on
>   the weekend of 24th to 26th September. They already invited us to
>   join their event back in June [1]. They are very friendly folks and
>   seem generally open to the idea of hosting a BSP at their event. The
>   location [2] is simple but nice in an old mill renovated to be a group
>   lodging. It provides accomodation for 32 people. As the accomodation
>   and the "hacklab" would be in the same building, this is an ideal
>   location for a small hacking event.
>   The downsides of this place are it's somewhat remote location.
>   (People arriving or leaving need to be picked up at the next train
>   station by car.) And we only have a standard home ADSL connection to the
>   Internet (don't know if this can be upgraded). 
> - BSP at the FrOSCamp [3] at ETH Zurich on 17th to 18th September. I think
>   a BSP would fit in what they call "Hackfest". I did not yet talk to
>   the organizer (Hi Axel!) about this and don't know if it's still
>   possible propose additional hackfests or if we are too late.
>   Infrastructure certainly is not a problem if choose this venue. But
>   this is a big event with lots of other things going on and it might
>   be difficult to focus on the BSP. Also the event ends on Saturday,
>   which effectively means only one day of BSP (considering ppl might
>   have to work on Friday).
> - BSP at the same place we had the AGM last winter [3]. We could 
>   accomodate about 17 people (more just for hacking). Internet
>   connection is currently only standard home ADSL, but I hope Init7
>   would agree to upgrade it to a faster connection for the BSP. The
>   date is yet to be decided. 
> I'd like to hear opinions about the best place and date for the BSP.
> As we are less than a month before FrOSCamp and the Turrican Days now,
> we have to decide this very quickly. I have set up a Doodle poll [5]
> and I'd appreciate comments on the list.

Personally I'd prefer either the FrOSCamp or a BSP at the Aareheim.

> And as also my time is limited I'd appricate it if others would help
> with organizing. Some tasks:
> - Contact potential sponsors (Google, Init7, ...)

AFAIR /ch/open also sponsored a BSP in the past. We might want to ask
them too. I guess Martin had contact with sponsors for the past two BSPs
(at least according to the wiki entries). Do you have any contact
information about whom you contacted in the respective organisations?

> - Write announcment to d-d-a
> - Managing registration, set up a wiki page where ppl can
>   self-register, coordinating transport

I could take care of the two tasks above tasks during this week if we
manage to decide on a place/date. I'll be on a bicycle tour for two
weeks begining next week and will most probably have no internet access
during this time. So if somebody else volunteers to take care of this
I'd gladly pass them on.

> - Infrastructure, Do we need a Debian mirror, Connectivity, Cables,
>   Switches, Wireless

I could bring along some cables and switches from our institute if

> - Food and accomodation, Menu, shopping list, shopping
> - ...


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