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Re: BSP in Switzerland


Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> As testing is now frozen since a few weeks, it's bug squashing time
> again. To make squeeze the best Debian release ever!
> At Debconf I volunteered to organize a BSP in Switzerland.


> - BSP at the Linux User Group Bern's "Turrican Days" in Cudrefin on
>   the weekend of 24th to 26th September.

There's also a LUGS special event (Furka steam train tour) on that
Sunday, so I would be there probably only Friday evening to Saturday
evening or so.

> - BSP at the FrOSCamp [3] at ETH Zurich on 17th to 18th September. I think
>   a BSP would fit in what they call "Hackfest".

I just asked one of the main organizers on IRC. Rooms for Friday are
already "sold out" though, because there's another conference at ETH
on Friday, too. :-/

>   I did not yet talk to the organizer (Hi Axel!) about this and
>   don't know if it's still possible propose additional hackfests or
>   if we are too late.

Seems still possible.

>   Infrastructure certainly is not a problem if choose this venue. But
>   this is a big event with lots of other things going on and it might
>   be difficult to focus on the BSP.

I personally will probably will have nearly no time for a BSP during
FrOSCamp and therefore would prefer one of the other options...

>   Also the event ends on Saturday, which effectively means only one
>   day of BSP (considering ppl might have to work on Friday).

Yep. We would be able to extend this to Sunday, but will be thrown out
in the (probably late) afternoon for cleaning up the rooms since the
semester starts on Monday after FrOSCamp.

FUDCon is Friday to Sunday, too.

> I'd like to hear opinions about the best place and date for the BSP.
> As we are less than a month before FrOSCamp and the Turrican Days now,
> we have to decide this very quickly. I have set up a Doodle poll [5]
> and I'd appreciate comments on the list.
> [5] http://doodle.com/dd7phcyb6tx8t5zz

Hrm, just a yes/no Doodle, no yes/only-if-necessary/no poll. :-/

> - Infrastructure, Do we need a Debian mirror, Connectivity, Cables,
>   Switches, Wireless

No mirror necessary at ETH, there are one official and at least on
inofficial pushed mirrors at ETH. No IPv6 though.

Will resume with FrOSCamp Debian booth organization when I'm back from
holidays (i.e. after Monday).

		Regards from FrOSCon, Axel
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