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Re: BSP in Switzerland


Replying to mail own mail to break the silence. 

So far only two persons showed some interest in a Bug Squashing Party
(BSP) in Switzerland. Please ppl if you are interested in a BSP, take
part in the Doodle poll. This is not a definitive commitment to come
to the BSP, but I need an approximate number and there is no point in
choosing a location that only suits me.

If really only two persons beside me are interested to have a BSP we
can simply meet somewhere without much preparation and coordination
and fix some bugs. But it would be a shame if there is not more
interest. After all Switzerland is still the country with the second
most dense DD population [1].

Please fill the Doodle poll until Thursday noon if you are interested
in the BSP.


[1] http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2010/08/07#devel-countries-2010

Excerpts from Gaudenz Steinlin's message of Sam Aug 21 11:53:17 +0200 2010:
> Hi
> As testing is now frozen since a few weeks, it's bug squashing time
> again. To make squeeze the best Debian release ever!
> At Debconf I volunteered to organize a BSP in Switzerland. I see three
> options for where and when to organize this:
> - BSP at the Linux User Group Bern's "Turrican Days" in Cudrefin on
>   the weekend of 24th to 26th September. They already invited us to
>   join their event back in June [1]. They are very friendly folks and
>   seem generally open to the idea of hosting a BSP at their event. The
>   location [2] is simple but nice in an old mill renovated to be a group
>   lodging. It provides accomodation for 32 people. As the accomodation
>   and the "hacklab" would be in the same building, this is an ideal
>   location for a small hacking event.
>   The downsides of this place are it's somewhat remote location.
>   (People arriving or leaving need to be picked up at the next train
>   station by car.) And we only have a standard home ADSL connection to the
>   Internet (don't know if this can be upgraded). 
> - BSP at the FrOSCamp [3] at ETH Zurich on 17th to 18th September. I think
>   a BSP would fit in what they call "Hackfest". I did not yet talk to
>   the organizer (Hi Axel!) about this and don't know if it's still
>   possible propose additional hackfests or if we are too late.
>   Infrastructure certainly is not a problem if choose this venue. But
>   this is a big event with lots of other things going on and it might
>   be difficult to focus on the BSP. Also the event ends on Saturday,
>   which effectively means only one day of BSP (considering ppl might
>   have to work on Friday).
> - BSP at the same place we had the AGM last winter [3]. We could 
>   accomodate about 17 people (more just for hacking). Internet
>   connection is currently only standard home ADSL, but I hope Init7
>   would agree to upgrade it to a faster connection for the BSP. The
>   date is yet to be decided. 
> I'd like to hear opinions about the best place and date for the BSP.
> As we are less than a month before FrOSCamp and the Turrican Days now,
> we have to decide this very quickly. I have set up a Doodle poll [5]
> and I'd appreciate comments on the list.
> And as also my time is limited I'd appricate it if others would help
> with organizing. Some tasks:
> - Contact potential sponsors (Google, Init7, ...)
> - Write announcment to d-d-a
> - Managing registration, set up a wiki page where ppl can
>   self-register, coordinating transport
> - Infrastructure, Do we need a Debian mirror, Connectivity, Cables,
>   Switches, Wireless
> - Food and accomodation, Menu, shopping list, shopping
> - ...
> Best,
> Gaudenz
> [1] http://lists.debian.ch/community@lists.debian.ch/2010/msg00097.html
> [2] http://www5.scout.ch/de/3/pfadiheimstiftung/le-moulin-vd
> [3] http://wiki.froscamp.org/Welcome
> [4] http://www.aareheim.ch/
> [5] http://doodle.com/dd7phcyb6tx8t5zz
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