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Re: [RFC] Debian@Turrican days 2010

Hi Martin

Am Sonntag, den 13.06.2010, 20:26 +0200 schrieb martin f krafft:
> First off, thanks for writing in and thinking of us. Your event does
> indeed sound quite cool (the website [2] is not yet updated for
> 2010) and I am certainly interested and have marked it down in my
> calendar.
Yeah, our calendar is not up to date, but the date is fixed.

> What do you think about the idea of combining this with a Debian bug
> squashing party?
This would be great! I am sure, there are some members who like to kill
some bugs. 

Btw, w have a small beamer for presentations or instruction if it would
help in any kind. 

> Btw, is the event reachable by public transport? I am one of those
> green types who doesn't like cars. In fact, I'd think debian.ch
> could sponsor public transport for our attendees…
You are not alone :). We usually meet us in Bern on Friday and travel by
several cars to Cudrefin. There are normally some space free in the cars
for people traveling with public transports only. 

If it is not possible to come to Bern first, or someone likes to come
later, we usually pick them up at the train station in Ins, because the
bus to Cudrefin does not drive that often. One way from Ins to Cudrefin
is about 10 min by car, so it is not a big deal.

René Moser

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