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Re: [RFC] Debian@Turrican days 2010

also sprach René Moser <mail@renemoser.net> [2010.06.13.1400 +0200]:
> We, the Linux User Group Bern [1] organize an annual weekend event
> during autumn called Turrican Days [2].
> So, we had the idea why not invite a community to share knowledge
> and time to improve open source software. And my first thought was
> the Swiss Debian community.

Servus René,

First off, thanks for writing in and thinking of us. Your event does
indeed sound quite cool (the website [2] is not yet updated for
2010) and I am certainly interested and have marked it down in my

What do you think about the idea of combining this with a Debian bug
squashing party?

Btw, is the event reachable by public transport? I am one of those
green types who doesn't like cars. In fact, I'd think debian.ch
could sponsor public transport for our attendees…

> Tell us what you think about. I don't know if you regularly meet each
> other, but this event could good time point for this year.

We don't (yet) have regular meetings, and so events like this are
always welcome. Thank you again,

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