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Re: [Swiss Knife] Call for discussion

Le mardi 26 janvier 2010 11:35:44 Didier 'OdyX' Raboud, vous avez écrit :
> === Slogans and Logo ===
> I don't actually have a great idea, but something in the mood of:
> [Debian Logo] Debian, the Universal Tool

Hi all again, 

I was about to draw something, and I had other ideas (some might be fun, some 
less…), all with the Debian logo aside:

    Debian: Our tool, Your tool
    All your base are belong to us
    Random number generator
    FLOSS, right in your hand.
    The tool you always dreamed of.
    # cupt install torcs
        (replace cupt by apt-get, aptitude, …)
        (torcs is fun because it is also a type of screwdriver, and actually a
        car game in Debian)
    # dpkg --configure -a
    $ su -c repair
	    (xkcd "sudo make me a sandwich")
    TODO: Save the world
    Debian: a tool for Freedom.
    Free your world.
    The first GNU distribution
    One tool fits all.
    The universal tool

Then I also thought we could use one side for the logo + "Debian" and the other 
side for a slogan (rises the price…). I think having "Debian" somewhere is 
definitely good.

What do you think ?

Best regards and good night.

Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1020 Renens

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