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Re: Agenda for debian.ch AGM 10 Dec 2009

also sprach Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> [2009.12.08.2200 +0100]:
> martin thinks that debian.ch needs to positively state that debian.ch
> doesn't want to do an external revision, which is not true. debian.ch
> needs only a resolution about the subject, if it positively wants to
> do an external revision.
> while it's legally not harmfull to do resolutions that are void by
> law, however, it's both pointless and wrong, which is why this should
> be removed from the agenda.

debian.ch does not meet any of the criteria for full audition (ZGB
69b/1), but by default, it is subject to partial ("eingeschränkt")
auditing (OR 727a/1 by way of ZGB 69b/3).

Since we wanted to alleviate the burden on the treasurer to do
double-entry book-keeping, as well as minimise the effort for third
party volunteers, we decided to opt-out. As per (OR 727a/2), this is
thus to be added to the bylaws (OR 727a/5).

Note that this doesn not inhibit any member of the association from
requesting an auditing 10 days prior to the general assembly (OR
727a/4), and an auditing can also be decided by the AGM (with simple
majority, OR 727/3).

Arguably, I have announced the agenda too late. Therefore, if any
member steps up before the end of Sunday, 13 Dec 2009, and requests
an external auditing, I will personally see to it.

Hope this clears things up.

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