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Re: AGM 2009: call for dates

also sprach Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> [2009.11.12.0924 +0100]:
> How do we decide about the location? Martin do you decide by
> benevolent dictatorship or do you want to add the location to the
> doodle so that ppl can vote for their prefered location?

I'd say benevolent dictatorship. I'd also think Berne should be
prioritised because it is closer for Didier, Daniel, Luca, Penny,
you, and others, it is easy to reach by train (and I think debian.ch
can pay the fare), and we've not been there. ;)

Point being: the first to send a date and a location that has been
origanised to the list wins. ;)

> And please don't forget to invite our honorary member MJ Ray and
> our DPL candidate zack. ;-)

I doubt zack will join. I was actually thinking we should maybe vote
to "expel" MJ Ray at the AGM. The joke's getting kind of old.

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