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AGM 2009: call for dates

Dear debian.ch members and supporters,
dear Swiss Debian community,

The time of the year has come to assemble. According to our bylaws,
the invitation has to precede the meeting by two weeks. Therefore,
we're looking at late November and early December.

Please take the time to note when you could attend.

Unless someone has a better idea, I will find a place to meet in

Same as every year, the steering committee will be voted anew. If
you would like to run for any of the three positions, you will have
to attend, obviously. It would be good to let us know
(info@debian.ch) beforehand, too.

The main points on the agenda other than reports, financials, and
the vote will be the acceptance of three new members (Gürkan,
Didier, and Gaudenz), the decision to waive the need for an
auditor for now, and other minor changes to the bylaws.

See you there,

 .''`.   martin f. krafft <madduck@d.o>      Related projects:
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"wahnsinn bei individuen ist selten,
 aber in gruppen, nationen und epochen die regel."
                                                 - friedrich nietzsche

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