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Re: debian.ch web page: Small fr/it translation update wanted


> We've just updated the debian.ch web page to point out the mailing list.  
> Neither Martin nor me dare to try to update the french or italian page, and 
> we can't remember who did the translation the last time ...

I recently discovered the existance of the debian.ch initative, and
subscribed to the list. I'm willing to do a bit of french translation if

> Any takers?  Please indicate also if you would agree to receive the 
> automatic commit emails for web updates to continue translating the (few) 
> updates.  (... assuming that I can figure out how to configure svnmailer to
> do that ...)

Ok with that. Is the svn repository available somewhere ? This way one
could submit some sort of directly usable patches to the commiter.

> To be translated:

In french, I'd suggest:

Les personnes intéressées aux activités et nouvelles de Debian en Suisse
se retrouvent sur la liste de diffusion <a href="http://lists.debian.ch/";

À+, Marc

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