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Re: ISPs in Switzerland


martin f krafft schrieb am Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 01:11:42AM +0100:
> I've been a happy Cablecom customer forever. If I would switch, I'd
> go with init7, since I know some folks there. But I prefer non-ADSL
> solutions.

Me too. ;-)

> Anyway, ISPs in Switzerland are a couple years behind the
> surrounding countries in terms of speed/price and quality of
> service.

I don't think the ISPs in Germany are really better. They may be
cheaper (had a static IP and 1024/128 for IIRC less than 15 EUR/month
-- ISP, carrier costs extra), but there's less non-ADSL connectivity
in Germany and I don't believe that the ADSL quality or the service
quality (T-Offline sucks!) is better in Germany. Already the forced
disconnections after 24h everywhere where Deutsche Telekom is the
carrier are lowering the quality a lot.

> But it'll do for me.

Main problem with Cablecom is IMHO the support for non-business
customers: Cablecom is perfect if it works. But if it doesn't work
(broken peerings, massive packet loss) you are in hotline hell.

The only other problem with their offers: Static IPs cost much more
than dynamic IPs.

But static IPs with ADSL where available in Switzerland much earlier
than in Germany and even some static /29 or /28 nets were already
available for non-business customers (e.g. at init7 :-) when Germans
wouldn't even believe that this is possible...

About six or five years ago I was really envious that a friend in
Switzerland had 8 (well really 6) static IP addresses behind his ADSL
for about CHF 100 while I had 1 dynamic IP for IIRC about EUR 50
(Carrier + ISP).

		Kind regards, Axel
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