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Status and near future of the sh3 port

Caio wanted to know what I expect the future to look like. So i'll give
you a quick summary of the status and plan.
SH3 port is usable and was enjojyable to have with me in spain, which
was the first time I actually used my Jornada as a user, not as a
porter. We have problems with X and debian heaviliy lacks opie. I still
plan to look into it but as i'm happy with cli it isn't too important to
xserver-kdrive can be made working and works even with the touchscreen
but the rendering mistakes it makes are really annoying and xserver-xorg
isn't that much slower. I haven't noticed any difference in speed. So
imho the best solution was if someone made a tslib input module for xorg
and we just ignored kdrive.
glibc still wasn't compiled with cross gcc, instead we use glibc
provided by sbox. as a result locales aren'T available. 
dpkg-cross made an attempt to build glibc just as good or bad as we know
it from making sbox toolchains.
The last two points lead me to what I want to do in the near future:
Scratchbox supports alien toolchains now. We should stop building
scratchbox specific toolchains if instead we can easily build them from
debian sources. that way we can get our fixes into the official packages
and can assume that more recent toolchains are easy to build. read the
README.cross from binutils and gcc-4.0 packages.
I contacted Ed but unfortunately it is his coworker maintaining the sbox
buildd at nokia and he is at debconf. ill ask him for the mail but
probably we will have to wait until he is back or reinvent the wheel.

As soon as we have the full toolchain in sync with sid and a buildd that
produces serious amount of packages we should probably push things
towards the official repositories. I'm sick of using reprepro. If
someone has proper dak working and wants to help out there please tell
We should communicate more with Nobuhiro and find out more about how he
does stuff and if we can share our efforts. Nobuhiro: please try how
good/bad the sh3 port runs on your hardware. at the moment it works with
2.6 kernels only due to some idiocy on my behalf. I hope that is not a
problem for you. Also please sum up how you made this port. I assume
your approach is building fully natively at the moment?

We should encourage Dalibor to play with stuff. Probably provide him
deps for the toolchain. unfortunately to build that we need a glibc for
sh3 eb. does anyone know where we can find such a beast? Dalibor: please
check the endianness of your system or just tell us what exactly it is.

I probably forgot something I wanted to write down here. Ask if there
are questions.


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