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Re:Debian SH3 port

Hi , 
My name is Nobuhiro Iwamatsu .
Sorry , I m not good at English.

I'm interested in sh3 for Debian porting .
I am doing porting of Debian to sh4.


Although I live in Japan, NAS in which SH4 was carried in Japan sells. 
Since Debian is operating by NAS, I am doing porting of the sid.

http://supertank.iodata.jp/products/sotohdlwu/#spec (japanese only)

I also aim at construction of buildd.
However, since I am busy recently, I have seldom done porting.

I bring this to debconf6 and I am going to advertize "sh".


Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 
    < hemamu @ t-base.ne.jp >
    < iwamatsu @ nigauri.org >
    Key fingerprint = 353A C650 BB7A 6F72 3650  9461 4121 C743 3170 EBE9
    ICQ : 8095912 

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