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Re: Debian SH3 port

On Sunday 07 May 2006 17:33, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Cool. I've got a sh3 (eb? I think) board around.

Too bad I have one sh3 but not a sh4 :(

> nice. Do you have some document explaining how to setup scratchbox for
> sh3?

Well, it's quite okay if you follow the Scratchbox site's instructions but 
that's what we got so far (I use to help Jonas on the port in my spare time):

- Our sh3 repository at jam.ueberalles.net (using reprepro and manual builds)
- An recent base system image (jamroot.tgz), and an old pre-sarge (offline)
- The Scratchbox system with gcc4 support (gcc4's not official for them AFAIK)
- A frankstein system with dpkg-cross and qemu with sh4 emulation for testing

How to set up scrathcbox to build SuperH packages using gcc-4.1:

echo "deb http://jam.ueberalles.net Jam main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

[of course] update the packages list then install the following:

scratchbox-core - Scratchbox base system
scratchbox-libs - Scratchbox libraries
scratchbox-devkit-debian - Debian development kit for Scratchbox
scratchbox-devkit-doctools - Documentation tools for Scratchbox
scratchbox-devkit-perl - Perl modules for Scratchbox

Later, install our current toolchain:


I guess it's okay if you want to use the official packages from the sbox 
people but I don't know if you'll get any problems with it. If you really 
want so, just make sure it's the 1.2.x branch of scratchbox.

I think you already know how sbox works and you start building stuff now, 
right? If not, just check the sbox documentation or let us know, so we can 
make a really quick README so people won't waste time reading lots of pages 
just to discover how to configure sbrsh, for example. It's not that hard :-)

Our personal TODO actually is:

- Get the fscking build daemon working
- Make qemu-sh4 and dpkg-cross work together
- Set up a decent SuperH repository
- To be up to date with Etch packages
- Anything else, Jonas? :-)

PS: I'm now subscribed to the debian-superh list so I removed myself from CC:
PPS: All files mentioned resides in jam.ueberalles.net for now

Cheers and let's rock!

caio[1982] begotti

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