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Debian SH3 port

My name is Jonas Meyer and I have been working on a port of debian
unstable to sh3 for quite a while. the repository of packages is
available at http://jam.ueberalles.net/jam . in case you are interested
in using it send me a mail so i can give you details about what is where
as it is quite a mess at the moment.
The packages have been built with the help of scratchbox
(http://www.scratchbox.org) so far. at the moment I'm focussing at
looking into dpkg-cross and setting up a buildd as at the moment all
package builds are started manually.
Also I think it is worth noting that qemu now has some support for sh4
which I hope will speed up the builds some more soon. also I hope to
provide packages for sh4 by using it,too. 
I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this list - if you do please
send a mail back so I can see if there is at least some interest in this

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