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Re: What about SuperH?

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On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd love to see some of SuperH variants(sh3 and/or sh4?) supported
> officially by the Debian project.  Someone, please tell me what thing to
> be done for that.

The sh3/sh4 packages need to work, and they need to be uploaded to the
Debian archive, gpg signed with the key of a registered Debian
Developer. Also, you need working boot-floppies of which the source can be
found through http://cvs.debian.org/

> In April, I had set up my own deb repository at http://debian.dodes.org/
> and started sh4 and sh3 buildd processes.  So far about 3,000 and 700
> debs have been uploaded there respectively.

That's great!

It would be nice if this could be part of Debian proper. Are you a Debian
Developer? If not, please consider becoming one. See http://nm.debian.org/
for details.

> If needed, I'll provide for you maintainers with free access to my sh3
> and sh4 machines via network on request.
> For the time being, I'll write installation guides for some major
> platforms such as Dreamcast, Windows CE handhelds, evaluation boards.
> And I'm going to submit the new maintainer application later.

Do that now, instead of 'later' ;-)

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