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Re: Debian for SuperH bootstrapping

NIIBE Yutaka writes...

> Major difference of SH-3 binary and SH-4 is for floating point
> arithmetic.  SH-3 doesn't have FPU, while SH-4 has.  GCC for SH-3
> generates library call for floating point arithmetic, while one for
> SH-3 generates machine instructions directly.  This issue could be
I assume you meant 4 here.

> solved if SH-3 kernel would supports FPU emulation, but people using
> SH-3 don't want to go that direction, because it slows down the
> performance.  Here, using SH-3 wants SH-3 ABI.

OK, that makes sense.

> Besides, people using SH-4 want to use SH-4 ABI.

I would prefer this as well for my Dreamcast.

What do you think about the big endian targets? Is there demand for those? I 
think the Debian ftp-masters will push back on creating 4 new architectures, 
but sh3 and sh4 seem to make sense.

Thanks for the explaination,

Matt Taggart

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