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Re: Debian for SuperH bootstrapping

YAEGASHI Takeshi writes...

> Hi,
> As the recent discussions in SuperH lists, we should have four
> different architectures for SuperH, namely sh3, sh4, sh3eb, sh4eb.
> With this scheme NIIBE Yutaka has maintained the newer deb set seen at
> ftp://ftp.m17n.org/pub/super-h/testing/debian-011210/.

Is there a large demand for the eb ones? I think sh3 and sh4 should be enough. 
I still haven't seen a good explaination why sh3/4 need to be separate. I read 
that the ABIs were slightly different but I think I heard somewhere that gcc 
could be made to generate code that works on both. Can someone please point me 
at a good explaination?

I recenty bought a Dreamcast system with the intent of playing with this 
stuff. I would like to see this issue resolved quickly.

Matt Taggart

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