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Accepted openssh 1:5.8p1-3 (source i386 all) [bts-link] source package openssh Bug#241496: Fw: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender Bug#241496: Info received (openssh-server: Still seen 5 years later) Bug#241496: openssh-server: Still seen 5 years later Bug#395432: openssh-client: ssh-agent still ignores TMP environment variable Bug#607602: Bug#597603: Acknowledgement (horde3: temp-cleanup.cron returns failure if last "find" command exits with non-zero code) Bug#607602: Bug #607602: openssh-server: Bogus warning, "Authentication tried for XXX with correct key but not from a permitted host" Bug#609546: possibel bug in sshd: pubkey auth does not more work if ${HOME} is NFS Bug#614897: marked as done (openssh-client: ssh-add fails to read from FIFOS, breaks monkeysphere subkey-to-ssh-agent) Bug#614897: ssh-add broken Bug#616302: marked as done (openssh-server: some xauth dependency issue) Bug#616302: openssh-server: some xauth dependency issue Bug#616369: /usr/bin/sftp: sftp interactive does not work correctly with multibyte charachters Bug#616610: openssh-client: ssh config does not like IPv6 link local address as hostname anymore (worked before today's update) Bug#617512: print warning about missing /usr/bin/xauth? Bug#618863: /usr/bin/ssh: insecurely verifies host key with VerifyHostKeyDNS option Bug#619568: ssh: broken and unsufficiently-documented handling of "command" arg Bug#619568: This is not a bug Bug#619760: openssh-server: sshd should honour TMPDIR to set up auth_sock_dir (forwarding) Re: Bug#620031: Subject: unison-gtk: Ceased asking for SSH password Nuovo messaggio openssh_5.8p1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: bug 481250 is forwarded to Processed: bug 594307 is forwarded to Processed: Re: Bug#614897: ssh-add broken Processed: Re: Bug#616302: openssh-server: some xauth dependency issue Processed: ssh-add broken Processed: tagging 614897 Processing of openssh_5.8p1-3_i386.changes The last update was on 12:53 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 41 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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