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Re: Bug#620031: Subject: unison-gtk: Ceased asking for SSH password

severity 620031 important
tags 620031 + confirmed

Le 29/03/2011 13:06, Torsten Crass a écrit :
Justification: renders package unusable
Severity: grave

unison-gtk still works when no terminal interaction is involved (e.g. when you use an agent).

After a recent upgrade, unison-gtk ceased asking for a password when
selecting an ssh-based synchronization profile from the list [...]

In a clean wheezy chroot, unison-gtk still asks for a password. After upgrading everything but openssh-client (1:5.5p1-6 -> 1:5.8p1-3), this feature stops working.

BTW, it does not make any difference whether or not ssh-askpass is
installed. [...]

Well... unison implements its own terminal interaction and doesn't use ssh-askpass. Somehow, this interaction is broken with the new version of openssh-client.

Any ideas?

I've put openssh maintainers in CC, maybe they'll have an idea. For information, unison works by allocating a new terminal, running ssh in it, and waiting for ssh output (in an expect-like fashion, see terminal.ml in unison sources). When launched manually, messages are the same with both versions of ssh, but unison doesn't detect ssh prompts when it launches ssh itself.



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