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Re: Budget request - Cloud sprint, Seattle, November 2016

Hi Steve,

On 11/01/2017 15:31, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Very belatedly, I'm asking for reimbursement approval for the expenses
> we incurred for this sprint. My initial estimate for our group of 6
> was scarily accurate at $6340 - the actual cost number for those folks
> was $6338.33! :-)

Oh. Neat! :-)

> As promised, I wrote up the minutes for the sprint - see [1]. I know
> that we made massive progress in the time we had together; this is
> probably the most productive Debian meetup I've ever had, personally!

Great! I was also expecting it to be very productive and I am very happy
to know it surpassed your expectations!

> We've already all sent the receipts to SPI as per their process. I'm
> sending them on to you separately in a moment - I'm not attaching them
> here for the sake of data privacy.

The only thing required to get the reimbursement is to follow the procedure
that is described here: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/Reimbursement

My approval was public and GPG-signed. It should be enough for SPI to proceed
with your reimbursement. SPI is catching up with reimbursement requests. If
your request has been sent already, they should be able to get to it soon.
(I'll ping them though)

> I'd also like to ask for additional reimbursement for Tomasz Rybak. He
> attended the sprint as a DM and self-funded, apparently only because
> he thought that only DDs could be reimbursed by Debian/SPI. I can
> attest that he was a useful participant in the sprint and would
> happily recommend paying for him. It's your call on whether to do
> that, of course.

I am happy to approve that. I'll work out the amount with him privately
and will make the request to SPI afterwards.



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