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Re: Budget request - Cloud sprint, Seattle, November 2016

On Thu, Oct 06, 2016 at 12:48:47AM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>Hi Mehdi,
>I've been working with a number of people (all in CC) who are looking
>at attending the Cloud sprint in Seattle, November 2-4. Looking up
>reasonable prices for flights using skyscanner.net and sharing rooms
>at a sensible-sounding hotel, I'm looking at a total of ~USD 6340 to
>cover 6 people - most of that (obviously) is flights. I believe each
>of these people would be a valuable addition to the sprint, so I'm
>asking you for sponsorship from Debian funds to cover those costs.
>Assuming this is OK, I suggest to leave people to book their flights
>and claim back individually. I'm more than happy to make a group hotel
>booking myself, as we're looking at sharing rooms to reduce costs. (If
>it's helpful, I'm also happy and capable to book flights for others
>and claim on their behalf - just ask, guys! Credit cards are easy...)
>I will (of course!) write and publish a report of what we achieve at
>the sprint, in conjunction with the other attendees. I'm hoping that
>we should agree some much-needed policy decided around official Debian
>cloud images, and make progress towards production and testing of
>those images.

Hi again Mehdi,

Very belatedly, I'm asking for reimbursement approval for the expenses
we incurred for this sprint. My initial estimate for our group of 6
was scarily accurate at $6340 - the actual cost number for those folks
was $6338.33! :-)

As promised, I wrote up the minutes for the sprint - see [1]. I know
that we made massive progress in the time we had together; this is
probably the most productive Debian meetup I've ever had, personally!

We've already all sent the receipts to SPI as per their process. I'm
sending them on to you separately in a moment - I'm not attaching them
here for the sake of data privacy.

I'd also like to ask for additional reimbursement for Tomasz Rybak. He
attended the sprint as a DM and self-funded, apparently only because
he thought that only DDs could be reimbursed by Debian/SPI. I can
attest that he was a useful participant in the sprint and would
happily recommend paying for him. It's your call on whether to do
that, of course.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-cloud/2016/11/msg00100.html

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"I can't ever sleep on planes ... call it irrational if you like, but I'm
 afraid I'll miss my stop" -- Vivek Das Mohapatra

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