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Re: Budget request - Cloud sprint, Seattle, November 2016

On 2017-01-11 14:31:37, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Very belatedly, I'm asking for reimbursement approval for the expenses
> we incurred for this sprint. My initial estimate for our group of 6
> was scarily accurate at $6340 - the actual cost number for those folks
> was $6338.33! :-)

That's called precise forecast :-)

> As promised, I wrote up the minutes for the sprint - see [1]. I know
> that we made massive progress in the time we had together; this is
> probably the most productive Debian meetup I've ever had, personally!
> We've already all sent the receipts to SPI as per their process. I'm
> sending them on to you separately in a moment - I'm not attaching them
> here for the sake of data privacy.
> I'd also like to ask for additional reimbursement for Tomasz Rybak. He
> attended the sprint as a DM and self-funded, apparently only because
> he thought that only DDs could be reimbursed by Debian/SPI. I can
> attest that he was a useful participant in the sprint and would
> happily recommend paying for him.

I second it.

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