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Re: Budget request - Cloud sprint, Seattle, November 2016

Hi Steve,

On 06/10/2016 01:48, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Hi Mehdi,
> I've been working with a number of people (all in CC) who are looking
> at attending the Cloud sprint in Seattle, November 2-4. Looking up
> reasonable prices for flights using skyscanner.net and sharing rooms
> at a sensible-sounding hotel, I'm looking at a total of ~USD 6340 to
> cover 6 people - most of that (obviously) is flights. I believe each
> of these people would be a valuable addition to the sprint, so I'm
> asking you for sponsorship from Debian funds to cover those costs.
> Assuming this is OK, I suggest to leave people to book their flights
> and claim back individually. I'm more than happy to make a group hotel
> booking myself, as we're looking at sharing rooms to reduce costs. (If
> it's helpful, I'm also happy and capable to book flights for others
> and claim on their behalf - just ask, guys! Credit cards are easy...)

First, thank you for working on budgeting this sprint. I approve it.
Mentioned attendees can proceed and book their flights and hotel rooms.

> I will (of course!) write and publish a report of what we achieve at
> the sprint, in conjunction with the other attendees. I'm hoping that
> we should agree some much-needed policy decided around official Debian
> cloud images, and make progress towards production and testing of
> those images.

Indeed. I am looking forward to reading the report and the global
outcome of this very much needed sprint.



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