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DebConf videoteam Autumn Sprint

Hello sprint list (& other CCed folks) !

The DebConf videoteam is planning to hold a sprint session in Paris from
Thursday 17 November to Sunday 20 November 2016. The sprint will take
place at IRILL.

The local organiser of this sprint is Nicolas Dandrimont.

The goal of this sprint is to hack on our setup for the next DebConf.

The precise tasks we wish to work on are tagged "sprint1" on our
KanBoard instance. If you don't have access, you can get a look at it
via this public ro link: http://deb.li/qtlv

At the moment, we have around 8 people confirmed for the sprint, most of
whom have been part of the videoteam for a while now. You can find this
list here:

We are asking for a total of 2800 euros:

* Travel money: 1600 euros
* Accommodation money: 1000 euros
* Misc: 200 euros

Note that even thought most of the participants live in Europe, we plan
to flight in one person from Canada and one from South Africa, thus
explaining the high travel costs.

All the necessary infos about the sprint can be found on our wiki page:

This is my first time organising a sprint and I'm not very familiar with
Debian procedures. If I'm missing something, please ping me!



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