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Re: Debian for Scientific Facilities Days

On Wed, May 09, 2012 at 09:56:31AM +0200, Jerome Kieffer wrote:
> offering facilities around X-Ray for scientists worldwide. Most of it's
> IT infrastructure is migrating from RedHat derivatives to debian6.
> We are organizing 3 days dedicated to debian to celebrate the
> transition, this will consist of a sprint, a workshop and a training
> session.  
> * Sprint: Sunday 24th of June & Tuesday 26th
> * Workshop: Monday 25th of June
> * Training: Tuesday 26th of June. Limited to 15 people

Hi Jerome, that's just great. Debian is a great platform for scientific
computing and I'm glad you want to acknowledge that in such a
productive, or even "debianic", way.  Thanks for announcing the sprint
part here and for preparing the wiki page. I've just linked it from
http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints for better visibility.

Once you've the program finalized and published, I think it would be
nice to announce it a bit more broadly, for instance to
debian-devel-announce to call for interested developers, or via
debian-news to call for interested non-developers.  We can check that
with the publicity team, just let us know when the program is published.

> The Sprint is about packaging/bug fixing of software relevant for large
> science facilities among them:
> - Batch schedulers for HPC (Torque, OAR, Grid-Engine, ...)
> - Hi performance computing libraries: MPI, OpenCL (especially package
> all SDK from AMD, Intel, and NVidia to insure they can be installed
> together)
> - Scilab/Octave/Python/GDL bugs to be fixed for wheezy
> The Sprint is coordinated on the wiki: 
> http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/2012/ScienceSprint

FWIW, as a project we do have some resources to sponsor travel of people
that attend sprint to work on Debian activities. I know ESRF has already
offered support to sponsor speaker attendees, and I'd like to thank you
here again for that. If you think you need some resources to support the
travel of people attending the sprint, please let me know. There is some
documentation about how that works at


> We are looking forward to see you in Grenoble.

PS still working on my travel agenda in an attempt to be there for the
   workshop opening :)
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