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Re: Debian i18n sprint "towards i18n.debian.org" - new status

Quoting Stefano Zacchiroli (leader@debian.org):

> > We need to hurry now, we're only 5 weeks ahead of the planned
> > time. and we need to sort out the costs issues.
> Hear hear :-)

As of now, my estimate of costs (travel only, assuming that hosting is
done by locals, aka Nicolas and/or me) is 1300€-2200€.

The very very minimum is 1300€ (Felipe's ticket). Sponsoring Martin
Bagge (300€) and Simon Paillard (100€) would be nice.

Martijn didn't fill data yet and I'm unsure he would ask for
sponsoring. If he does, and asusming he's coming from Netherlands, I
estimated costs to 200€. I also count eventually 200€ in case one of
the DSA people can come (assuming coming from UK or Germany or

Stefano, could we at least have an ACK for Felipe's ticket from Brazil
to Paris, which seems to be the thing to absolutely sponsor and book
as soon as possible. An agreement for sponsoring Martin Bagge and
Simon Paillard would be nice too, though considering they both
mentioned that sponsoring is not mandatory for them to attend.

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