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Debian for Scientific Facilities Days

Dear Debian community,

ESRF is a 3rd generation synchrotron locate in Grenoble (France) and
offering facilities around X-Ray for scientists worldwide. Most of it's
IT infrastructure is migrating from RedHat derivatives to debian6.

We are organizing 3 days dedicated to debian to celebrate the
transition, this will consist of a sprint, a workshop and a training

* Sprint: Sunday 24th of June & Tuesday 26th
* Workshop: Monday 25th of June
* Training: Tuesday 26th of June. Limited to 15 people

The Sprint is about packaging/bug fixing of software relevant for large
science facilities among them:
- Batch schedulers for HPC (Torque, OAR, Grid-Engine, ...)
- Hi performance computing libraries: MPI, OpenCL (especially package
all SDK from AMD, Intel, and NVidia to insure they can be installed
- Scilab/Octave/Python/GDL bugs to be fixed for wheezy
The Sprint is coordinated on the wiki: 

The program of the workshop should be online soon on http://www.esrf.fr.

The training itself is targeted to software developers:
- good release practices
- debian packaging itself
The second half of the sprint will take place in an adjacent room.

We are looking forward to see you in Grenoble.


Jérôme Kieffer
On-Line Data analysis / Software Group 
ISDD / ESRFhttp://www.esrf.fr/
tel +33 476 882 445

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