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reimbursement howto - input needed

[ Mail to the best "role addresses" I've found that handle reimbursement
  in Debian trusted organizations we usually use to process
  reimbursements. ]

Hi everybody,
  in dealing with Debian-related reimbursements, I've discovered that
one of the most painful part of it is re-explaining to people what the
reimbursement procedures are.

To fix that, I've drafted:


with the goal of firing that URL at anyone asking me "so, how do I get
reimbursed?", which is a pretty recurrent question for sprints.

I need your input on that page. In particular, I need people from SPI,
Debian UK, and debian.ch to fill in their parts. I've filled in only the
part related to FFIS, since it is the one I'm most familiar with.

I do realize that this page can produce a bit of duplicated information.
But it is something I feel we need to give some uniformity in the
presentation and general information about reimbursements. I also hope
that the "template" I've used for FFIS — which I'd love if you could
reuse for your entries — minimizes the duplication and mitigates the
problem by providing a link to the authoritative information source.

Many thanks in advance for your help,
Stefano Zacchiroli     zack@{upsilon.cc,pps.jussieu.fr,debian.org} . o .
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