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Requesting OK for Debian Med Sprint 2012

Dear Stefano, dear all\{Stefano},

we are planning for the next Debian Med sprint on Bioinformatics.  Since
yesterday we have up this page
and I am herewith requesting your OK to call this event a Debian Med
Sprint. The meta-theme for the meeting is about what is needed for
Debian to solve real problems in bioinformatics.  In some hollistic
approach this addresses the access/sharing of public/self-generated
data, the identification of missing packages for important biological
workflows, and technical bits like now the GPU/FPGA computing that has
become a commodity in the field... to the degree that FPGA computing can
ever become a commodity. We are getting there by establishing Debian as
some Speaker's Corner in the Bioinformatics Open Source park, i.e. by
involving many sys admins and researchers from academic groups and
industry to hand in their expertise and let them experience that they
can work on the exact same problems together.

We need funding for Andreas <tille> and myself <moeller>. Travel plus
accomodation per person may be 250-300 Euro. I have not yet heard from
additional DDs to be planning to attend. There should be an additional
one or two from Debian Science and/or DebiChem. With Olivier and
Thorsten there are two very active DMs who I would like to see funded.
Charles cannot come, sadly. I expect the German participants ask for a
tax-deducible expense declaration ("Sachspende" or so), but the
respective personal situation may change till next year, so I kindly ask
to reserve 1500 Euro for the DDs and DMs to attend the Sprint.

The nature of our sprint is a bit different from the typical one in that
we bring in many outsiders (with their respective own funding) to
participate in a particular experise of theirs. This year new to join is
systems biology (Biology), structure prediction (Munich, Bologna), and
genome annotation (Cambridge + maybe Hamburg). We continue last year's
cloud and workflow developments (Oxford, Manchester), bringing all those
fields together. Expected is a total number of 15-25 participants.

With the best kindest regards,

Steffen (have subscribed but not reived the confirmatory email, yet, so
please CC me directly)

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