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Re: debbugs sprint

In article <[🔎] 20110908205044.GA18925@upsilon.cc> leader@debian.org writes:

>- debbugs is working fine, but there is essentially only one person
>  taking care of the code and he is quite busy (who is not?)
>- I've proposed a sort of mentoring sprint [2] and that seems to have
>  attracted quite some interest
>- at DebConf11, the interest has been confirmed by the attendance to the
>  debbugs skill exchange [3]
>- later on, Blars Blarson has picked up the challenge of doing some
>  organization [4], but he has just informed me that he is now getting
>  busy again and cannot finalize it. 

Since I've already announced it on my blog (http://techno-viking.com/)
I may as well let this list know: I'm selling my house and moving into
a motorhome.  I may be able to devote more time to organizing the
sprint in November.

>  Still, he has informed me that,
>  according to the feedback he has received, it might make sense to have
>  the sprints in the us and also that in the past they got some
>  availability from Google people to host this kind of event at the
>  GooglePlex

Several years ago, a DD employed at one of the many Google local
offices offered the use of a Google meeting room (with excellent
network connectivity, video projector, etc.) for free-software
meetings.  The request would go through the employee, who would need
to be present during the meeting.  I'm not sure if that was a local
or global google policy, such things change over time, the DD in
question no longer works at that office, and I may be mis-remembering.
Google does employ several DDs and it may be worth enquiring if they
could make such an offer.

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