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Re: unable to install (upgrade) git - git-man dependency


(removing Adrian from CC, who can read us on ML anyway)

Frank Scheiner wrote:

Good to know, looks like I missed that. Checking my logs 5.18.0-2 still
oopses on my T1000 when trying to `nfsmount` its root FS using the klibc
tools eventually making it unresponsive. So although this kernel looks
OK on your T2000, the klibc based stuff seems to be not - at least for
the NFS mounting stuff, plus DHCP using klibc tools is also broken here

let's see how 6.0 will fare for you.

I did try to mount nfs v3 on my system and it worked, I did a classic mount with mount.nfs once booted. Mount works and I was able list and to touch and remove a file. I did not try further because I didn't set up permission properly, could do though.

Is this significative for you or is your issue NFS mount within kernel for NFS boot and that goes through another path?


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