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Re: getting a working install ISOs on a T2000

Hi Adrian

the world is small between SPARC and PPC :)

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
2020-11-16 -> this one worked! (but system is unbootable due to crash, of that in a second mail)
This sounds like a hardware problem. The newer images should all work on sparc64 with a few
images that don't.

Can you make sure the memory is ok, i.e. by installing Solaris?

The system had a previously working Debian install, just old.

I also found luckliy the older kernel probably from the CD:

Linux narya 5.9.0-2-sparc64-smp #1 SMP Debian 5.9.6-1 (2020-11-08) sparc64 GNU/Linux

and with this one the system appears running stable in SMP (32 CPUs!). I did some massive compilation on all 32 CPUs, stressed a bit the system and it appears working.

I'd say the system is quite stable, no memory errors.


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