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getting a working install ISOs on a T2000


I tried hard installing Debian/sparc64, it was not easy at all and haven't concluded.

The T2000 I started from had Linux already installed, with an older 4.x series kernel, I'd guess not updated since 3 years. It was working and was configured with SILO. I tried updating but the boot partition was too small to fit old and new kernels, also the (partially?) installed 5.x kernel on reboot entered in an endless loop of crashes I could not stop nor log.

Unfortunately the fresh install I did with one of the working ISOs suffers from the same crashes!

I then went on with snapshots, going back from the latest I found...

2020-11-16 -> this one worked! (but system is unbootable due to crash, of that in a second mail)

Later, all these die with in the same manner:
-- with 2020-12-03
-- with 2021-01-03
-- with 2021-02-02

Mar  8 23:43:22 main-menu[272]: WARNING **: Menu item 'localechooser' failed. Mar  8 23:43:22 main-menu[279]: /var/lib/dpkg/status: No such file or directory Mar  8 23:43:22 main-menu[279]: WARNING **: Configuring 'libdebian-installer4-u Mar  8 23:43:22 main-menu[279]: WARNING **: Menu item 'localechooser' failed.
Mar  8 23:43:22 kernel: [   33.630772] random: crng init done
Mar  8 23:43:41 main-menu[279]: INFO: Modifying debconf priority limit from 'hi
Mar  8 23:43:41 debconf: Setting debconf/priority to medium
Mar  8 23:43:41 kernel: [   52.813059] main-menu[279]: segfault at 8 ip 0000010 Mar  8 23:50:59 init: process '/sbin/debian-installer' (pid 238) exited. Schedu Mar  8 23:50:59 init: starting pid 293, tty '/dev/ttyHV0': '/sbin/debian-instal


Mar  8 23:51:00 debconf: Setting debconf/language to en
Mar  8 23:51:00 kernel: [  491.248772] main-menu[312]: segfault at 8 ip 0000010]

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